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Feature 1 Feature 1

Coming Soon: SPRING!

Starring:  Twila Tulip, Rose Bush, and Daffy Dill!

The Plot:  After enjoying a mild Winter, the snow and cold will give way to the Sun's warmth!  Birds will be chirping, leaves will be popping, and the 88 Drive-In Theatre will be showing great Hollywood movies!  

MPAA Rating: G  because everyone should get outdoors and enjoy it!

Running Time: Less than 2 months


Feature 2 Feature 2

Get Up and Go Skiing!

Tagline: Don't sit inside all the time!  We're Coloradoans!  We love to exercise and play outside!

Starring: You, your family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else in Colorado

The Plot:   Go up and ski before the resorts close.  We have record snowfall up there, and we spent many days skiing--it was great!  Then, enjoy some Apres Ski activities and be thankful that we all live in Colorado--and not Minnesota--or in Buffalo!  ENJOY COLORADO!

MPAA Rating: G  for exercise, health, happiness, and good will towards everyone who lives--or visits--Colorado!

Running Time: 24/7 until the last snow evaporates!


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