How To Install An Electric Fireplace In Your Wall

With the incorporation of an electric fireplace insert, add warmth and color to a cold space.

Tools Required

  • Circular saw
  • basic carpentry tools
  • drywall tools
  • wire stripper

Materials Required

  • 3-in construction screws
  • sheetrock
  • sheetrock screws
  • Paper joint tape
  • Joint compound
  • Fireplace inserts

Steps To Install An Electric Fireplace On Your Wall

Step 1 : Map it Out

To begin chiseling the chimney as level as possible, you first need to get chunky cardboard by cutting the fireplace. For this renovation project, you’ll be installing a raised floor in the tub. So as to be able to document the height of the base of the bath, the height of the tub, and the 6-inch separation between water from the tub and the bottom of the chimney, you need to mark the finished height of the foundation of the bath, the height of the tub, and the 6-inch gap between the bathroom floor and the bottom of the mantle. Center and determine the values.

Step 2: Mark the Plates

For the front and rear plates of the fireplace wall, cut two 2-by-6 boards 1 inch shorter than the finished wall. Flush their ends with a speed square and mark across both boards, marking the center, the fireplace rough opening and the studs every 16 inches on-center. The rough opening should be 1-1 2-in. taller than the fireplace. This will provide sufficient space to dry.

Step 3: Build the Wall

When you disassemble the external studs, eliminate the tops and bottoms of the plates and spread the studs between the plates. While you line up the studs on your layout symbol lines, evaluate your studs for a crown. If there is one, face it up. For this small wall, I fastened the studs with screws between the plates, positioned the opening to the rough size, then capped the wall with a top plate.

Step 4: Secure to Studs with Blocks

Installing a new wall generally requires fastening wall blocks between studs on the wall, generally flush with the back. Then locate the studs in your existing wall and drive screws into the wall blocks with the existing studs. Once the studs line up with your new wall studs, insert a screw adequate to hold the last wall of the new wall standing up against the existing studs.

Step 5: Fish the Cable

Wiring up the cables for a wall is as straightforward as drilling a hole and getting the cable through. Read your heater’s manual as a reminder. If there is no dedicated circuit available, hire an electrician to fulfill this need.

Step 6: Finish the Wall

Cover the wall with the power cable that passes through its opening with mud, tape, and drywall. The interior of the opening where the wood frame is exposed should also be covered with drywall to maintain a distance of at least 18 inches between the top of the sill and the ceiling.

Step 7: Options for Power

The space heater has two different power supply configurations: You can choose to plug into an outlet with an attached jack cord, or you can unplug it and plug it in directly into a dedicated circuit. To plug it in place, you’ll have to connect to an additional outlet, so that option requires the use of a hardwired setup. Just remove the cover and remove the current connection.
The thermostat has two settings: You can use the included cord to plug-in the unit where you’ve got a secured outlet, or you can unplug it and plug it directly into a circuit. In order to do this, you’ll need the included outlet plug, so it would be best to consider a hardwired setup.

Advisable tip: Take care to pull the cable through an opening right next to the wall near the power outlet and near the fireplace power cord.

Step 8: Fit and Fasten the Fireplace

Remove the internal template and glass panel to expose the holes in the the heater. Use 1-1 2-pitch wood screws in the luggage included with your pack and attach the heater in a fixed fashion by screwing it smartly. Once the heater is secured on both sides, install the side templates.

Step 9: Add the Embers and Logs

Include wood chunks to the fireplace and crystal chunks on top. The LED strip below the embers causes the crystals to glow in different colors.

Step 10: Replace the Glass Panel

Using soapy water and rinsing the back of the glass with water, carefully clean the heater shield and glass window, rinsing grounds, and then placing the glassin the shower. Turning on the breaker and making sure the walls are dry, this room will become a warm retreat.


If you’re looking to install an electric fireplace in your wall, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. The most important thing is to make sure the fireplace is safe and compliant with local codes. Additionally, be sure to have an accurate fireplace schedule in place and make sure the necessary safety features are in place.

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