How to repair a canvas awning

Awnings are a great way to provide shading for outdoors activities. They are made with a durable fabric that can withstand the sun and rain. Awnings are also a good choice if you want to create an outdoor space that is comfortable and stylish. As tough as canvas awnings are, however, there may come a time when they will need repairs. You can easily perform these repairs yourself, and fixing a little problem now may prevent having a big probl. This is because canvas awnings can develop some flaws over time that can lead to them becoming collapsed, torn, or even ruined.

Canvas awning

Rather than detaching the canvas awning to do repairs, the best way to repair it is to perform repairs on the canvas awning in the field. The most typical areas for repairing a canvas awning are small tears and holes in the body and at the corners of the awning, where rust has formed in the hardware. Contact an awning materialator to get yardage of fabric in the same pattern as canvas awnings. Most materialators use the exact same fabric suppliers, so any of them should be able to match your awning. If your awning pattern has been discontinued, or if the fabric is impossible to find, just pick any complementary color fabric.


To be able to repair a tear in the body of the canvas awning, cut out a piece of replacement fabric that is 4 inches longer on all sides than the tear. This will enable you to apply contact cement to both sides of the tear and 2 inches above both ends of the tear. Using a liner brush, paint one side of the repair patch and then paint the corresponding area on the underside, 2 inches beyond the tear on all sides. Allow enough time to contact allow time for the cement to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions, then press the repair patch to the underside of your awning. To achieve a good bond, it helps to have someone press down from the top of your awning at the same time. Alternately, there are specially made repair tapes for awning fabric (see Resources). For very small tears and holes in the canopy, you can use self-adhesive Velcro patches.

To repair the apex of a canvas awning, you may need to loosen each corner. Canvas awnings are commonly laced through with awning-bearing line. Unlace the awning until it can be lifted from the bottom. Do the same procedure for a tear in the fabric body. Cut your mend material long enough to extend beyond the rip. Spread it in place with glue.Set the repair glue down from the top, pressing it well. Do not lace the awning corner back up until the glue is set. Sometimes the corners are so damaged that a patch is ineffective. In that case, the best thing is to simply screw the fabric to the frame, at the corners, with self-drilling screws. Screw from the outside of the material. This patch will hold the fabric in place to prevent any further damage.

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