How To Setup Fire TV Stick Without Remote

When purchasing new Fire TV, the remote will be offered to you will definitely have. It can configure your Fire TV, set it up with your WiFi, execute Alexa voice commands, and suggest programs in contrast to using the remote. You can use this remote to control Fire Stick apps, or the functions of the stick, without resorting to pressing detailed and confusing directions.

However, various Fire Sticks allow users to suffer from issues with their remote. The following guide shows you how to set up your Fire Stick without a remote, and how to use your Fire Stick for your Fire Stick with a remote.

Methods To Connect Fire Stick to WiFi Without Remote

Before looking for a new remote control for your Fire Stick, or after replacing the remote, you can try several of the suggestions below to restart the Fire Stick setup process without a remote. You will have to have other devices, such as an HDMI-CEC remote, an Amazon Echo Dot, and a smartphone.

Each method should be followed carefully to determine which streaming service will work best with your Fire Stick device.

Download the Amazon Fire TV App on Your Smartphone

  • Download the Fire TV App on Your Smartphone Download the Amazon Fire TV app on your smart phone and install it.
  • Launch the app and select the Fire Stick under the Connect menu.
  • Then, log in to your Amazon account. You will receive a four-digit code on a separate screen.
  • Enter the code on the Fire TV app to pair both devices. Once paired, the app will let you turn on the Home and P button to switch devices.
  • Choose your default language and connect both your Fire Stick and your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network to prevent problems.

Use an HDMI-CEC Remote for Your Fire Stick

An HDMI-CEC remote feature is in HDMI devices that allows you to control HDMI devices using an infrared remote. Fire Sticks are one of the devices featuring HDMI-CEC since it can be connected to the HDMI. To enable HDMI-CEC on your Fire Stick through a remote, enable it by using HDMI-CEC Remote for Fire Stick.

Use Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to Connect your Fire Stick to WiFi

Use an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot on your Fire Stick and connect it to WiFi with basic voice commands with the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker.

Using Amazon Echo and Echo Dot you can connect an Amazon Fire TV Stick through voice commands like “Connect my Fire Stick to WiFi” and “Log in to my Amazon and streaming accounts.” If the device does not respond, try restarting it.
Alexa can become nonresponsive from time to time. Follow the Getting Alexa Back Online ideas to get the device back online.

Buy a New Replacement Remote For Fire Stick

If these fixes didn`t work, you could buy a new replacement remote that’s compatible with your Fire Stick device. This method is considered to be the most effective long-term solution, and it’s recommended. You can also buy a newer Fire Stick remote model, but if you pay more, that option may be recommended as well. After a few over-the-air updates, a new remote will be automatically paired to your Fire Stick device.


When setting up your Amazon Fire TV, you will likely require its remote. This is an essential accessory that allows you to control basic functions, such as assigning your Fire TV to WiFi. In some instances, however, your Fire TV remote can malfunction. Thus, this article hopes to assist you to set up your Fire TV with its remote and informed by the following guidelines on how to connect your Fire Stick without a remote.

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