Do You offer Group Discounts Or Parties?

We must park vehicles according to height so everyone may see.  this does not Accommodate groups or parties well as the vehicles may not be able to park together due to vehicle heights. Our prices are low enough to accommodate all, therefore we do not offer discounts.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Yes, Dogs are allowed. however, you must keep them on a leash when they are out of your vehicle and you must pick up after your dog.  extra bags are available in the snack bar.

Any specials or deals?

Every Monday-Thursday, two PEOPLE can enjoy at least 2 FIRST-RUN MOVIES, 2 DRINKS, and a PIZZA for LESS THAN $30!!! YEP! That’s dinner, drinks, and movies for less that $30! That’s better than staying home and watching TV re-runs!

Can I bring my lawn chairs?

Yes, but PLEASE keep the lawn chairs in your truck bed and not between the speaker posts or in the aisles. Why? Cars cannot see the lawn chairs, and they often drive between speaker posts with their lights off.

Can I bring a small grill?

No, grilling is not permitted

Can I order food from outside the theatre to be delivered?

No, we do not permit deliveries and doing so is cause for ejection

Do you have any souvenirs or gifts for sale?

YES! We have Miniature Speakers, T-shirts, and other items available! Visit the Snack Bar to see them in person! Take home a piece of Americana and relive the nostalgia of Drive-In theatres tonight!

Why don’t you show the family movies first?

Film companies demand newer films play first, so there are some weeks that a family movie may play as the second movie.

When do you know what you are playing?

We negotiate with the film studios every week, so usually, we do not know what films we will play untiL five days before we open with a new picture.

why did many Drive-In theatres close?

When you buy a movie ticket, 70-90% of the money goes to the film company. The theater gets very little, so the Snack Bar food sales are very important! Our profits from food sales allow us to employ people, pay wages, taxes, equipment fees, and maintenance. If people do not purchase food from the Snack Bar, the theatre cannot stay in business. Please, visit our Snack Bar, buy some goodies, and help us stay in business. after all, we’re CHEAPER than the indoor theaters, and we’re not owned by some big corporation!

Will I always see 2 movies for the price of 1?

YES! We will always provide At least 2 current Hollywood hits for the price of $8.00 per person (children under 12 are free)!

How far is it from the projector to the screen?

The 88 Drive-In Theatre’s projector is 540 feet away from the screen! That’s a powerful projection lamp!

With prices going up on everything, how can you keep your ticket prices so low?

We have fought Hollywood’s demand for higher ticket prices, and so far, we are winning! How? Customers—that’s how! As long as you keep coming to The 88 Drive-In Theatre, the movie companies will allow us to keep low ticket prices!

Every so often, I see a dot—or circle—in the corner of the screen. What is that dot?

Those are synchronizing marks, and there are 2 dots near the end of every film reel. Each reel is 20 minutes of film. In the past, the Projectionist would watch for these dots. After seeing the first dot, he would start Projector 2. After the second dot (7 seconds after the first dot), Projector 2 would be up to speed and take over showing the film. Then, the Projectionist would stop Projector 1, put on another reel of film, and again, watch for the dots!